Founded in 1996, Custom Import Arts (CIArts) was created from the hard work and determination of young Japanese car enthusiasts. They take a great deal of pride in the work they do on every endeavour. Continually ensuring they spread the knowledge gained and learned from the setbacks they may experience, makes this shop truly trustworthy to the tuner.

Adding more power to a car, not originally blessed with the “gift of go”, is what drives this crew in their daily pursuits. Combine that desire with an itch for that “need for speed”, and you get the fuel for the fire! The expertise and knowledge put forth into every car gives the customer the chance to truly experience the creativity they possess in customizing Japanese cars. Each car tuned by CIArts gives their mechanics and designers a chance to learn more from every stage of the upgrade. Boundaries originally set by the manufacturer, on today’s typical engines, limit the way they perform on both the race track and/or drift course. CIArts is determined to tear down these boundaries and raise the performance bar to a new standard.

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