AFR Checkup!

To keep an eye on your air fuel ratio mix in order to get the best power or fuel consumption we refer to Air fuel Mixture tables or Lambda tables.
To understand these well you need a basic knowledge of these values and where orign from, but even more important is to understand the
relations and conversions between the diffrent values!  The bottom tables attached give you a good idea of exactly that!

To measure these you can use AFR/Lambda equiment from diffrent brands. Depending on the goal we can offer driffrent setups.
AEM Electronics – Innovate – Zeitronics – Motec – PLX are the most used ones and offer diffrent types of measurement.
AEM offers at this moment with its X-Line prob the fastest widebands on the market.

We lately like to use AEM PN: 30-0300  for Gauge/Ecu setups or  PN: 30-0310 when Gauges setups or not required!

30-0300-product-image x-series-inline-detail-web

Faster response time improves wideband feedback control, and can provide a safer, more powerful and accurate tune. AEM’s Wideband Controllers with X-Digital technology can reduce deadtime and improve the performance of your vehicle through more accurate AFR tuning. Deadtime is the delay between when exhaust gas composition changes and when that change is reported by the O2 sensor. While flow of exhaust gases (transport delay) can affect deadtime, it is not the only source. Often, the sensing elements response to the gas is the largest contributor to deadtime when an engine is in high RPM under load.

When tuning an engine using wideband AFR feedback control on an inertia dyno, deadtime affects the data you are looking at because it is reported in a different operating location than when it actually occurred. This means with long deadtimes, whatever changes you make to the base fueling will likely be in the wrong location. This can be particularly dangerous to high compression and high-boost forced induction vehicles, and EFI systems that use feedback control to auto tune.


Air Fuel map Load vs RPM Custom Import Arts