Custom Import Arts Distribution

Custom Import Arts is Distributor-Dealer-Installer for many High End Brands!

Trained in Japan -USa-Europe in diffrent area’s of performance Tuning we Specialize in
performance parts for Japanese cars.


OFFICIAL HKS Performance Dealers-Distributor-Installer- F-Con P-Pro Writer Shop
OFFICIAL TOMEI Powerd Dealer-Distributor-Installer
OFFICIAL AEM Performance Dealer-Installer
OFFICIAL COBB Tuning PRo Dealer -Installer
OFFICIAL CUSCO Suspension Dealer – Installer
OFFICIAL BRIAN CROWER Parts Dealers – Engine Builder – Installer
OFFICIAL LINK ECU -VI-PEC DISTRIBUTOR -Dealer -Installer -Training Center
OFFICIAL ECUTEK Licenced Dealer -Installer – Tuner
OFFICIAL TRAX Dealer-Distributor

We are Delivering Some brands for quit an area and deliver Custom Mapping and Training Services EU-Wide*

* ( Some products are area protected for dealers, we will forward you to the nearest dealer for the product in qeustion!)

If your car was not blessed with the gift of go or you are in the need of that extra power to blow away the
competition, than Custom Import Arts is the one Stop Shop for you !

Wether you are a Regular Customer or Certified Dealer that needs help in any level of performance Custom Import Arts
Get you exactly where you want to be.

As we all know by now Performance parts ordering sometimes takes time, but even if you are fortunate enough to have the ability
generously wait and be patient, it still can be a pain if there is lack of service.

We are all about that, If we do not know a solution we will get into and find out what will suit your product the best for the available budget!

Delivering Service and Parts since 1996 in diffrent branches we are happy to help new customers.

Interrested in becoming a Trained Dealer in some of the brands we support!
+32 488 26 67 57