Custom Import Arts JDM-GTR-Performance Workshop Belgium for more than a decade!

Custom Import Arts in Belgium is the premier Nissan GT-R Performance Specialist for more than a decade. Factory trained at HKS , Tomei, Trust , Ecutek, AEM or Cusco in Japan and the USA we offer you the best brands with the biggest service and knowhow.

We build Street Stock or Race track +1200Hp applications for RB25/6/8/9 30-VQ35/7-VR38 to any level need for your project.

With having served 1500 customers over a  15 years period and more than 300 tuners in our distribution client base we can say we have gained some experience the last decade.

Expanding our Brands to Subaru – Mitsubishi and Toyota the last 5 years did help us for the next step. Parts developent! Custom Import Arts and its sister company SC Developments or now focusing on Development and engineering of our own performance parts made in Belgium.

Custom Import Arts Crew at the Yearly Trainings in Japan at HKS factory and Fuji


Investing in the best parts is one thing, investing in the knowhow and getting trained by the best is another step in the proces of offering our customers the best possible service for the projects.
Building a race project has many aspects, which usualy does take some time and reqeust lots of sacrifices and dedication. Thats where Custom Import Arts sets the bars on diffrent levels.


Nissan R34 GTR’s and Drift cars in one of the workshops


Nissan R34 GTR RB26 Custom Build


The Custom Import Arts workshop keeps expanding every year with the progress we make in our builds, our inhouse Dyno is good to handle over 1500 hp and our Engine building rooms are update continuesly to keep up to date with the latest engine demands and Gearbox rebuilds like the GR6 or Getrag!

Nissan RB26 Tomei Stroker 2.8 Liter BuildR33JEROEN005

Inhouse Gearbox Rebuilds




 Inhouse dyno for R32-R33-R34-R35 GTR models


All kinds of JDM Performance and GTR ‘s at Custom Import Arts

20141122_134832 2015-04-04 17.31.56 

Another important Key Element in the Performance car building is the Engine Management.
Custom Import Arts has been investing in all needed EMS systems for many years.

We are NOT uploading overseas made files and pre fabricated Tuning files. we take our time and build Custom Calibrations for each and every car and its setup. a good mapping can take DAYS!

Syvecs Ems Calibrating at Custom Importarts


 HKS F-con V-Pro Ecu at Custom Import Artshks001  

Ecutek Calibrations at Custom Import ArtsECUTEK- 20140204_160447