Engine Blueprinting At Custom Import Arts

At Custom Import Arts we try to deliver the best job we can offer you with the given means and then some.
Blue Printing an engine is where it all starts with every  project. Not many spend the right time for this due to the time pressure
given by most customers. Although the smallest issue can cause or put in motion a chain reation that can result serious time and
money losses this is in most cases underestimated. Blueprinting is the art, practice and science of observing every quantifiable detail
of a process or machiene for the intention of modifiying it to maximise its efficieny, reliability and durability in order of necessty.
This is not a quick and easy task. Blueprinting is a long and arduous process that involves rigorous analysis, careful selection of parts
and the level op patience and diligence to defuse a bomb… what it essentialy becomes on some cases if you oversee small issue.


Assumption is the mother of all F##ckups, a phrase i used throughout my life and still sometimes silences me. Assuming that all OEM
and aftermarket parts are manufactured with a 0% margain for production because they stand for, is tantamount to assuming the rigging
for your Bungie cord is secure without inspecting it before you jump. Some assumptions are just plain stupid and will end bad. The reality is
despite all the great efforts exerted by manufacturars, production might have flaws… and you should try to see them before they hit you.

If Blueprinting sounds daunting, difficult and time-consuming.. well it is.. but if you think about it like that.. you shouldn’t be building an
engine, thats just what i have learned from it. Take the advice, it will be worth it over and over again. Even with all the checkups and controll
mechanisnms i have implanted, some sneaky errors try to ruin my perfect build. THATS what you should think, and when your fine work is done.
always keep checking over and over again that you did not miss a think. Hence the reason, we might charge you a bit more that the competition!


Never forget !

The Gospel – Believe it . Knowing what you are getting into is half the battle! Get the factory Service manual! Highest on your priority list after beeing shure of your capabilties to start a build. Relying on forums and only Guru’s and resources would be the worst idea and I highly recommend against it! The Plan – Follow it . The Tools, we have invested insane amounts of money in the right tools, and struggle every they as we want more.. also refered to as Tool Horny! sadly
you never have enough of the right tools.

This is what we do for many years at Custom Import Arts, live by the plan, there is only one way, they right way, all the rest are expensive lessons!