GT-R Custom Maps!

Custom Import Arts is the Only Belgium OFFICIAL and FACTORY trained Ecutek Dealer with a GT-R Pro License
to Read-Write and Custom Adjust your Oem ECU with the Ecutek software.

A Pro Writer Always has a dyno facility. Creating custom maps means that every area of the ecu is being adjusted where needed on the spot. The GT-R ecu is quit complicated and hides a lot of fails due to its ability to correct faults in the maps, however it doesn t mean you are out of the red in case of an issue. Custom Map Adjusting requires a lot of training and experience in the field of calibrating parameters in the Oem ECu!


Our competitors just read your ECU and send the file and Logs overseas and sell you a map created from miles away.
At Custom Import Arts we create your map on our Dyno and Recheck on the Road.
We continuesly keep improving your map on our BE fuels as long as needed!

Custom mapping is a Crucial factor in the good engine management of your GT-R,  Sadly enough a new trend of cheap reselling maps has created so called “specialists” that have no idea what they are doing except uploading a file that is created  miles away and based on partial logging!

In Belgium there are a few companies distributing these dodgy files, copied and reselled tru diffrent channels.
Most maps will do something but not always the right thing.
You have to take extra care especialy if you choose a company you want to work and it is not on the Ecutek Dealer website.
Even when they are on the Ecutek website you have to check where they purchase basefiles from. While being on the website it doenst neccesarely mean they are Custom pro Writers, maybe they use Pre calibrated maps for base cars  and only resell previously used maps! REMEMBER  only a PRO Writer can calibrated you GT-R to the nax! Don t be tricked. Perfection comes through repetion, in case of an ecu, you first of all have to be able to get into it!

The same rule applies on Cobb Tuning Projects, some people love the Cobb Products and Others prefer the ECUTEK products. Custom Import Arts is also COBB Tuning Pro Writer and we have Full Tuner Pro Licenses and training for GT-R products.

For people that need to go one step further we also are PRo Dealer for Syvecs Stand Alone Systems and are HKS Factory Trained F-Con pro Writers trained in JAPAN!

HKS F-CON V-Pro 4.0