Due to ever changing currency exchange rates and shipping rates it’s not easy to get correct intel for an accurate quote. To order parts or for preforma’s of our day prices please get in touch! Most products come from overseas companies and the latest prices don’t always show up with us at the right times. So sometimes you will see products priced cheaper or more expensive elsewhere. Don’t be fooled, just mail us for the correct price.

We want to offer you the best price, but don’t forget , we also offer the service that should come with it!
Due to the extensive labour to keep a webshop updated, we have chosen not to run a webshop but rather  spend our time on service! Buying performance parts can be tricky, it’s not always clicking and spending a hard earned budget. Don’t go wasting it on parts you might not need. Get in touch and we will guide you, together we will find the best route to go.

As most of us will know, labour is highly underestimated and costs can run up quickly. The same situation for those who want to offer a special service. Custom Import Arts has invested in many software packages and hardware solutions that will help our clients get a better idea of their problems and to get better results on their setups. Our very own DYNOSTAR dyno and  our temperature controlled engine building cleanroom are just a few examples. A massive amount of highly specialised tools are also available. If you want a job done well, then you will need the right tools and gauges. At Custom Import Arts, we keep investing in all the necessary software/hardware and tools!

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