If you want to upgrade the heart of your ride in any way, CIArts needs to be on your contact list. Whether you are looking to let your engine simply breathe better (i.e. filters, intakes, or blow-offs), or strengthen the very guts of the engine itself, Custom Import Arts can fill your needs. From the smallest of upgrades, to the more demanding task of a complete engine rebuild, Custom Import Arts can supply the right products for you.

Many people are looking to tune their car, but are not sure where to begin or even aware of the possibilities. CIArts can advise you on the right parts and direction, whether on a small or large budget.


Every motormanagement systeem has to be set, calibrated and fine-tuned before it can be used. That is exactly what 'Mapping' does. It makes sure the software works in a correct way with the hardware. It can be a very meticulous and time-consuming job, but thanks to our years of experience you can rest assured that it's done right!

Of course, all setups can be tested on our dyno at extra cost. For prices, please get in touch.

Important advice:
Experience has thaught us that many of the vehicles brought in for mapping aren't prepped for it. All complementary mechanical errors mean extra working hours and thus extra costs!

To prevent any unforseen problems from happening, please keep following tips in mind:
- Check for vacuum leaks
- Check for fluid leaks
- Replace and check all fluids
- Write down which oils/fluids you used to inform our mechanic
- Make sure your power circuit works correctly (ignition, everything grounded correctly)
- Install fresh and correct spark plugs
- Make sure your vehicle is properly aligned (N/A: dyno hub)
- Good tires (to avoid vibrations and lift, which give an incorrect reading)
- Check if the car has the necessary hardware so it can be tied down to our dyno bench

Custom Works

Custom work is just that! Whether you require custom engine work, vehicle specific intercooler design, a full exhaust system or a complete body conversion, CIArts will experiment with all the possibilities available to satisfy any customer’s desires. There are no limits in creating a ride that will truly be a “show stopper”.


Every car needs a good balance of “show” with the “go”. Customers looking to enhance their ride, whether it be just for looks or to create some real down force, can find a vast assortment of body kits and other body tuning accessories at CIArts. Their database of worldwide contacts can supply the right body tuning kits for almost every import car. Keeping up with the new hot trends in aero design and materials is vital to ensure maximum performance and potential. Whether your needs are for show or track use, CIArts will work with you to choose the best spoiler, diffuser or accessory to achieve that winning edge. Only the strongest, most lightweight, quality products are used to achieve these goals in every project.


Being able to control your car is the only way to master your car, and suspension tuning is the key. CIArts works to supply the driver with the tools necessary to gain total control and enhance the overall handling of their car. Every customer has their own driving style and each demand a different set-up for peak performance. CIArts can deliver the proper set-up especially catered to your needs. They can supply everything from alignment kits to brake bias controllers to tune your suspension to the finest specifications. If your goals include having a car that can truly harness the power under the hood, while still supplying you with “seat of your pants” enjoyment, suspension tuning is the key!

Importation/Event Organization

If you are in the market for authentic JDM parts or even hard to import, rare Japanese cars…CIArts can hook you up. They have partnered together with a network of contacts worldwide to bring you, the customer, a vast assortment of hard to obtain import parts, official apparel and performance machines.

If you are looking to host/organize an event for show, drag or drift, CIArts can supply event support as needed.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

We have our own ultrasonic cleaner in-house. Excellent for cleaning injectors or any other small parts, and make them perform like new again.