SYMS Performance Parts

Custom Import Arts has been working on many JDM performance Sports car for several years, specialized in de GT-R generation  we have build some amazing projects. Recent years we have been expanding our specialition

to other JDm brands Like Subaru. As usual Custom Import Arts will stick to its basic filosofy and use A-BRand parts only.  A new trained Specialist was attracted to the company to assist in the building of the Subaru Legacy.

SYMS Racing  Performance Parts for Subaru is one of them. Partnering up with some of the best known products in the Rally and Track world we will take on the Subaru market for Belgium.

Back in 1993 Yajima In Industry Co., Ltd., formed a raceteam SYMS ( Sims ) Racing! Specialist of  Yajima for Motor Sports!

Custom Import Arts  will partner with  up to bring you the best for Subaru.

Engine Building – Engine Management – Race Car Building – Race Parts Development

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